Westworld is an original HBO TV series about the use of artificial intelligence in the future, as an object of entertainment for an old western park created for wealthy adults. The challenge of the project was to create three poster advertisements for two Westworld’s alternative campaigns.
To suggest the use of artificial intelligence the concept of the first campaign option applied visual effects simulating a system source code to design the faces of the main actors. Keywords were strategically placed and disguised on the faces to indicate the phases of the show. The font chosen for this first campaign has a less technological but more detail-rich character to connect with the Western theme. The color palette used for this campaign is black and shades of bright cyan blue.
To emphasize that the story takes place in a western park, the second option is composed of three posters that mimic the effect of carving in wood, just as in the old west. The concept of this alternative is the Western, so the carved images are no longer related to the actors directly, but to the environment in which they are involved. The font selected for this alternative is more technological, to reinforce that artificial intelligence is the central theme of the context.

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