The Spirits of Lettering is an international typographic conference in Scotland, sponsored by the TDC Group— The Type Directors Club. This event is aimed at the public passionate about typography, such as graphic designer, art directors, and web designers in general. The conference is based on the idea of creating hand–rendered letterforms based on the vintage type. 
Among the various styles, the target of this project was the vintage whiskey letters, since the conference takes place in Scotland. The name of the event was inspired by the intoxicating concept of fine old Scotch malts aged in oak barrels. 
The poster was created on paper in the color crème, to connect with the elegant and refined labels of Scotties and whiskeys bottles. The poster was superimposed on a rustic wooden background, to enhance the use of oak barrels for aging beverages. The letter font of the event name was drawn by hand.

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