OneStone is a conceptual design for wine branding and outer packaging container, inspired by the life of scientist Albert Einstein. The brand name was based on the Hebrew meaning of his surname—one stone.
To strengthen the project’s concept, the bottles of wine were supported by a blackboard, connecting to the idea of the classes of quantum physics taught by the scientist in the universities. The art on the neck label of the bottles was composed by the description of the winemaking process and incorporates using a font almost identical to Einstein’s calligraphy. All the formulas were exclusively and conceptually created during this project. 
The description of the formulas in the main label were adapted of the scientist’s original equations to names the wines. Each bottle has an abstract coloured artwork to represent the wine flavour and to illustrate how the scientist has incorporated the universe and the existence of black holes in some of his theories, such as the theory of relativity and the gravity of light.

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