The NOTTO is a conceptual app that acts as a virtual friend. The application measures the vibe of the user’s day and sends a predefined message or email to contacts selected from social networks, contacts registered on user cell phone or a predefined list. 
The name NOTTO was inspired by the expression—Not Today. The concept was based on the needs people to advise bosses, co-workers, friends, family, and others, about their absences, in an agile and uncomplicated way. The name was created in lime green color that symbolizes renewal, contentment, growth, and health. The NOTTO logo was designed as dark blue eyes of the app, which are interested and attentive to the user. 
The first step to tracking the vibe is quick and refers to the mood. Then comes the step to indicate feelings and needs. The last step is to send an automated message. The user can still check records of last week, month, year. The design of NOTTO is minimalist and intuitive.

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