The Margaret River is a city branding project for Margaret River Region in Western Australia, south of Perth, made up of six major small towns from Busselton in the south to Dunsborough in the north. This region has over 140 wineries which produce 1% of best Australia’s wines. 
To acknowledge the beauty the importance of the vast vineyards on the banks of the majestic river Margaret flowing towards the ocean, the logo is an organic composition created using the letters M + R. The M letter is modeled on the actual form of the river, and the R was carefully designed to represent the grape leaf. 
Three configurations of the logo were designed to symbolize the days and nights of spring and summer and to support the primary logos, ten variations were created in different textures and represent the sinuous curves of the river, the vibrantly colored grapes, the brisk oceanic winds, and the brightness of the sea waves. Ten icons were created to represent the main activities and attractions in Margaret River Region as well several other graphic works such as banners, t-shirts, mugs, brochures, patterns, website and more to promote the city.

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