Logyc is a full-service digital agency in Brazil which focuses on helping medium and large companies in delivering great digital experiences through innovative UI/UX, software development and digital marketing.  
The project goal was to create a new logo and visual identity to the company according with the vision laid down by three of the company's founders. The project was specially challenging because one of the founders liked geometric forms, while another founder liked organic forms and the third founder wanted the company to have a high-tech appeal. It was necessary to take all these directions into consideration to create something unique and modern.
Using illustrations and typography, combined with the inputs from the founders, more than sixty configurations were created for the conceptual logo until the winner was selected. Once the logo and colours were defined, the company visual identity took shape and the branding was renovated with a modern touch created over extensive brainstorming, experimentation and collaboration. 
Final Logo
60 logo variations based on 3 main concepts
Dark & White Keynote Templates

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