The Dystopia is a conceptual magazine against the uncontrolled evolution of technology and its corrosive effect on society. The name dystopia was chosen to reflect the future condition of possible despair and oppression caused by such technological enslavement.
The banner with the effect of shattered glass breaking aims to express the sense of technological dependence. The white color on the cover isolates and highlights the meaning of conscious and permissive bondage. The pink pig image on top of the white cover was inspired by one of the Black Mirror series’ episodes and reinforces the filth in which society submits in exchange for any stupid, disrespectful and dirt entertainment.
To illustrate the conceptual content, the inside images were treated to create an aspect of the lack of clarity, to demonstrate that this condition is reversible and it can be changed for the better. To support the concept that the surreal future remains open and without direction, the entire design was created in neutral colors and low contrast. The magazine was designed to be distributed print, on the web and mobile devices.

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