The BRIMIR is a conceptual Canadian restaurant and boutique inspired by Norse mythology. Two main approaches were created to meet the challenge of this project: defining the name and logo and drawing the cosmic map of the Nine Worlds Tree—Yggdrasil.
The name BRIMIR is part of a Scandinavian prophecy which predicts that at the end of everything a beautiful golden hall, full of endless food and drink will be created for people of good heart to enjoy forever. The shape of the font used for the logo resembled the lines of runes—a form of communication utilized by the ancient Scandinavians. The drawing of the Yggdrasil Tree was done in pencil from the interpretation and personal concatenation of its several historical versions. 
Two kits were created with nine items each, one for the boutique and one for the restaurant. The color palette of this branding is antique gold and black, but there are orange red and dark blue colors worn by the old Scandinavians on their clothes and jewelry. The main materials used for packaging are paper and wood, to reinforce the ancient Scandinavian theme feeling.

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