Ancient Code is a branding and packaging project for five collectible toys. The toy line chosen for this project was a fine metal brain teaser, usually appreciated by teenagers and adults.The project concept is—The challenge of Egyptian gods to code-breakers. The logo is a simple and geometric symbol created with the letters of the word code to represent the shape of an Egyptian temple.
To encourage the collector to keep the packages with the toys, each of the boxes was carefully designed using the most vibrant colors of ancient Egypt. With a unique conceptual name and with the silhouette of one of the five most important gods of the time, each box also presents a message in hieroglyphics—to reinforce the idea of the code to be deciphered. To represent that the collector has a chance to find the answer, each box has an illustrated graphic pattern based on the shape of the puzzle’s pieces.
The toys were hung on black leather strings to represent the magic and mystery of the codes inscribed on a sarcophagus, tombs, pyramids and sacred temples. The outer side of the boxes is black with inscriptions and logos in glossy black.

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