The #130 is a journal book made up of cave diving records correlated with lessons learned. The book was specially designed for those who are passionate about diving, caves and for those looking for tips for a better life. The name #130 means the number of technical dives in Brazilian and North American caves. The pencil drawing of the cave diver surrounded by dark rocks illustrates how the drawings are presented in the book. The hard and dark cover depicts the actual situation of a hostile environment as well as lighting during cave diving. 
To capture the feel of pencil and pen records in paper journals made between 1999 and 2001, the selected font is handwritten. However, to present technical descriptions of the dive, the chosen font has neutral and clear lines, bringing simplicity and ease of reading. 
The book’s predominant color is black and shades of gray, however, colorful details have been incorporated to highlight the relevant aspects of records and to make understanding easier. All the illustrations are drawings and maps in pencil made by the author of the book.

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